CCTV Cameras Made in India
Safe as a bank, they say.
Keep it that way


ATMs      Banks      Financial Institutions
People bank on banks to keep their money safe.
Safeguarding valuables from the menace of theft is paramount.
Our surveillance systems can protect bank premises from intrusions and crime.
Also help security staff to monitor movement, detect theft and deter mischief.
The Video Analytics capability of our systems can play a critical role in investigation of any criminal incident.
Talk to us to know more.
Motion-based alarm
Any unlawful intrusion during a pre-set time can be detected to trigger an alarm.
Cash counter monitoring
Focussed monitoring to help keep cash safe and address complaints by customers.
Face recognition
All visitors can be recorded. Live streaming of videos can be matched with existing database of images of known offenders to prevent a crime. It can also be used to identify the presence of a VIP and alert staff for attention.
Visitor monitoring
Beyond mere monitoring, visitors coming and going can be recorded if required.
Staff monitoring
Once employees become aware of being monitored they become cautious and diligent at work. It also helps record and detect any misconduct or harassment within the premise.
Locker area monitoring
To monitor and record visits in safe locker room, along with duration of visit.
ATM monitoring
Constant monitoring to capture any threat or untoward incidents.
Cash vans monitoring
GPS based cameras mounted in vans keep a constant vigil on vehicle occupants and any threats. The vehicle can be tracked at real-time from a central control room.
Loitering alarm
Suspicious loitering around in specified zone for longer than necessary (pre-set time) can trigger an alarm and thus deter such activities
Object detection
Any suspicious looking or unattended object detected can raise an alarm as a precaution.
Tampering detection
Supporting video analytics can detect tampering or sabotage of the surveillance system and automatically raise alarm.

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