Control and manage your business environment

Now you don’t have to fiddle with light switches or the air conditioner’s remote control or battle with the projector and various remotes in the boardroom. BPL iQ, India’s first indigenously crafted Intelligent Business Automation Solution, helps you to control and manage your business environment with great ease. Whether it is about managing the AV controls of a boardroom or the lighting system of a cluster of office buildings or the security and surveillance of a store, the BPL iQ helps you do it all from your smart phone or touchpad.

Ideal for companies and businesses of all sizes, BPL iQ Intelligent Business Automation Solution for businesses covers a wide range of requirements like Safety, Security, Comfort and Convenience such as:

  • Board room automation
  • Lighting control
  • Air conditioner control
  • Projector and AV equipment control
  • Blind and curtain control
  • One-touch operations and automated Scene Settings for meetings, presentations and other similar modes with the above devices
  • Security
  • Access Control

Since BPL iQ is armed with the latest automation technologies, it allows for greater efficiency, customization based on your specific needs and accuracy of real-time output. It is simple, effective and your add-on intelligence that creates an easy-to-manage, stress-free environment so that you can focus solely on your business.

Technology that facilitates success

BPL iQ Intelligent Automation Solution can provide the corporate world with best-in-class conveniences for their boardrooms and work bays, and also manage energy consumption by way of lighting automation. Users can create their own policies to provide a specific experience to their liking and also to initiate power saving schemes. Years of R & D and stringent quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process guarantees a high quality solution that is at par with the best automation brands in the world. BPL is a CDN member part of Cisco Developer Network Program. BPL iQ devices have been tested by Cisco and are Cisco Compatible

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