Enjoy a lifestyle that gives peace of mind

With BPL iQ, India’s first indigenously crafted wireless Intelligent Home Automation Solution, you can enjoy a stress-free lifestyle. BPL iQ is an effective way to fully integrate, connect and manage all the electronics and home functions through a single platform that is automated.

BPL iQ has introduced many intelligent features for greater Safety, Security, Comfort and Convenience including ones that can be customised to your lifestyle. Since it is an integrated wireless solution that can be operated with the BPL iQ app from anywhere, anytime, you are free to enjoy a peaceful life.

Some of the key reasons why people are opting for the BPL iQ Intelligent Home Automation solution are:

BPL iQ simplifies for Convenience. You can care for your elders, look after your children and monitor your pets from anywhere. BPL iQ is designed so intelligently that it automates all your home functions which can be controlled from your smart phone:

  • Gate and garage door
  • Garden and sprinklers
  • Home Theatre Room’s gadgets and electronics
  • One-Touch operations and automated scene setting according to your preferences

BPL iQ customises for Comfort. The user interface is a smart tablet with easy to recognise icons and customisable scenes that you can program to enhance your comfort. It is nearly like designing your own intelligent remote control for your lifestyle. BPL iQ solution also helps you save energy by managing the lighting and other loads as per the peak hour demands. You can control:

  • Lighting
  • Motorized curtains
  • Room temperature and air-conditioners

BPL iQ adapts for complete Safety and Security. Depending on your lifestyle and priorities, BPL iQ manages and simplifies everything in a way that it becomes possible for you to relax. Enjoy customised Safety and Security, while fulfilling your responsibilities. You can remotely open your doors for trusted guests. The solutions are so intelligent yet simple, even a child can be taught to use it. You can control critical aspects like:

  • LPG gas leakage
  • Panic button
  • Fall detection
  • Electronic door locks
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring
  • Video door phone
  • CCTV surveillance for perimeter monitoring

Whether it is from your smart phone or computer, BPL iQ is a one-touch control for nearly everything: security, surveillance, temperature control, asset guard, lighting, media and entertainment, and other home control functions, including curtain control, lawn irrigation, pet monitoring and gas leak detection. Just fit it into your house or villa, and forget everything.

Technology that enhances lifestyle

BPL iQ Intelligent Home Automation Solution is well-suited to address the needs of closed community dwellings. The visitor management feature with video lobby phones aid in assessing people before allowing them to enter the premises. With support for the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), BPL can provide community-specific applications hosted on the premises or on the cloud. BPL’s strong in-house R & D support can offer customized software solutions assisted by in-house manufactured gears. Years of R & D and stringent quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process guarantees a high quality solution that is at par with the best automation brands in the world. BPL is a CDN member partner of Cisco Developer Network Program. BPL iQ devices have been tested by Cisco and are Cisco Compatible.

If you have specific questions related to your projects, please call us. We will be happy to help.