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BPL has always believed in an entrepreneurial culture. The company is committed to providing an environment that combines integrity and professional experience, and encourages people to take the lead. It has nurtured and developed innumerable professionals over the past 50 years, and has been responsible for instilling a sense of pride and commitment in them. BPL values of Quality, Sustainability, Customer-centricity and Teamwork have also played a vital role in shaping the company’s attitude towards its people and building the unique culture. BPL believes that the culture of the company, which was rooted in a passion for excellence, is today an amalgamation of the value systems of its dynamic professionals who exhibit a high degree of tolerance, collaboration, caring, curiosity and self-motivation.


Employees are given opportunities to pursue goals, develop professionally and grow personally as individuals. They are guided and encouraged to excel in their chosen field of work. The leadership team acts as a catalyst to an employee’s personal targets and professional goals, by providing the right impetus wherever required to achieve new milestones. Also, being an equal opportunities company, BPL values diversity and the contribution of people in every department, regardless of age, religion, gender and abilities. A large percentage of employees are women from different backgrounds working in the various areas within the company. People enjoy an ideal environment where mutual respect and trust rule.

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