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Urban jungles are happy hunting grounds for criminals.
Weed out crime.
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Public Places

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Today cities have become fertile ground for harassments, crime, and terror.
When people are scared. Freedom of movement gets curbed. Anxiety grows.
Our surveillance systems can help maintain public safety, deter crime and protect citizens.
Also help security staff to monitor movement and prevent crisis.
The Video Analytics capability of our systems can play a critical role in investigation of any unlawful activity.
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Crowd monitoring
Monitoring can help in crowd control in open spaces like in concerts and rallies. Live video streaming to control room can help taking action to prevent crises such as stampedes, criminal activities, unruly behaviour and mob violence.
Entrance & Exit monitoring
Ensures smooth flow of people. Recording faces, identifying trouble-makers with face recognition facility can prevent them from access.
People monitoring
Keep track of human traffic and provide data for manpower deployment or facility planning.
Number plate recognition
Identify moving vehicles at speeds up to 80 km/h in pitch dark to deter traffic violations, or stop red alert vehicles at check points.
Vehicle counting
Provides information on volume of traffic and helps in traffic and parking lot management and provides valuable data for facility planning.
Vehicle tracking
To monitor movement of vehicles, identify trespassing vehicles in no parking zones or pedestrian pathways so as to take necessary action.
Motion-based alarm
Any unlawful intrusion during a pre-set time can be detected to trigger an alarm.
Premise monitoring
Strategically placed monitoring can record movement of people in large public places like stations, airports, malls, and stadiums and avoid untoward incidents or chaos.
Perimeter monitoring
The boundary walls of a large complex can be monitored and alarm raised based on motion detection to prevent intrusion. Unauthorised entry into restricted zones can be detected and reported.
Loitering alarm
Suspicious loitering around in specified zone for longer than necessary (pre-set time) can trigger an alarm and thus deter such activities.
Object detection
Any suspicious looking or unattended object detected can raise an alarm as a precaution.
Tampering detection
Supporting video analytics can detect tampering or sabotage of the surveillance system and automatically raise alarm.

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